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Here you can find all the extra little bits of information about uploading, ordering, payment and shipping. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us by email at hello@www.photogifts.com.sg.

What type of image files do you print?2018-08-10T13:13:33+08:00

We print JPEGs and PNGs – yay! If your snaps aren’t in any of these formats, don’t panic! There are loads of different apps and free online tools where you can convert other image formats to JPEGs and PNGs.

The rest of the world shipping information2022-03-27T18:03:01+08:00

For the rest of the world we offer our DHL Express Shipping Service. This tracked service which aims to deliver your lovely photogifts within 3-8 working days once shipped! Please allow 8-12 working days for printing for orders.

Still have questions?2018-08-10T13:38:06+08:00

If you can’t find an answer here on our FAQs then you can always send us an email here!

SG delivery information2022-03-27T18:02:06+08:00

All our SG deliveries are sent local courier service and in most cases a signature is required for acceptance of delivery. We charge $8 for Post and Packaging for standard size parcels delivered within the main island. Unfortunately our logistic partner cannot deliver to restricted areas. Please allow 2-3 working days for shipping.

The colour on screen looks a bit different to what has been printed – why is that?2018-08-10T13:20:46+08:00

We print our snaps using industry leading, high-quality CMYK prints which use 4 colours to make up every image you see printed. Some cameras and device screens use RGB which is only 3 colours. When your snaps are converted to CMYK for printing, the contrast and colour of the printed image can therefore sometimes appear slightly different to how it looks on your screen. This is normal for quality prints and we run daily checks and maintenance to make sure that your prints are as close as possible to the original digital print you uploaded!

My prints have arrived a little darker than I thought they would – why is this?2018-08-10T13:22:03+08:00

When you’re viewing your photos on a backlit screen, they will appear brighter than the actual image is. When they are printed they can then arrive a little darker than expected. To make sure that you get a more accurate print we’d suggest turning down the brightness on your screen by at least 30%.

What are our best practices?2018-08-10T16:05:11+08:00

Our environmental responsibility and sustainability is very important to us, which is why we ensure that our partners follow these practices when possible:

  • Production partners are ISO 14001 certified.
  • Because Forests Matter, FSC® and PEFC Chain of Custody certified.
  • Use of vegetable inks when possible.
  • Energy and water saving practised.
  • Safe storage, use and disposal of chemicals and emissions.
  • Recycling of as many materials as possible to cut waste.
  • Promoting print on demand to reduce waste.
What paper stock do you use?2018-08-10T13:32:05+08:00

All photoprints are printed on premium semi-gloss photo paper. We use a FSC certified premium 250 GSM (grams per square meter) card stock for calendars and wall-prints.

What happens if I don’t crop the image?2018-08-10T13:28:50+08:00

If you don’t change the cropping of your pictures, you might accidentally chop off someone’s head. It’s worth checking that you’re happy with the cropping otherwise we’re sure they wouldn’t be too happy about that! Cropping cannot be changed after your order has been placed.

I have a discount code, how can i use it?2018-08-10T16:08:36+08:00

Ooh you lucky thing! You can enter your discount code at the checkout. Discount codes can be a percentage discount or a monetary value. They can be applied to items in your cart but excludes shipping. Only one single discount can be applied in each single checkout. Discounts may expire.

How many do I have to print?2018-08-10T13:18:48+08:00

We have a minimum order on each product but once you hit the minimum you are charged per additional photo. If you want to order less than the minimum then of course you can, but you will be charged the minimum cost.

Remember if you want multiple copies of one photo you will need to manually drag the your photo into the image frame – there’s more information on how to do this below…hurrah!

How long will it take to get my prints?2018-08-10T16:14:03+08:00

The sooner you order the sooner we can get your snaps on their way to you! If you order today then we will aim to have your lovely photos printed and shipped out within 5-7 working days of you completing your order. Please note that during busy times this can be slightly longer. See below for more details on our delivery times!

How does it work?2018-08-10T12:50:57+08:00

It couldn’t be easier! Here’s how…

  1. Hit the Get Started button and choose a product. You can find out more information about the product by hitting the More Information button.
  2. Upload your photos from any device, Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Edit – crop, rotate and the number of each print by hovering over the photo with your mouse or tapping. You’ll see an error message under any photos which are low in resolution or missing images so keep an eye out for this!
  4. Customise your snaps, add text (product dependant) and change border colours (product dependant). You can select individual prints to customise by tapping on the photo. Selected images will show a green glow around them!
  5. Review your Shopping Basket or add more photos. Then make your payment by PayPal with a debit/credit card.
  6. Ta-dah! Your super snazzy prints are on their way! Keep an eye out for our shiny packaging dropping onto your doormat!
How do I pay for my order?2018-08-10T15:48:39+08:00

Oh so many ways! We accept debit and credit cards, and PayPal too.

Do the size and the quality of my images matter?2018-08-10T13:09:28+08:00

It sure does! To get the most sparkly amazing prints possible, we recommend that you do not use an image size smaller than 640 x 640 pixels for our small products and 760 x 760 for our large products. These values vary with each product size but our handy website will alert you if your image is too low quality for the selected product/size. We can print smaller files but the printed image may appear pixelated, particularly if the image needs to be enlarged to fit our larger product sizes. It’s your responsibility to check the size of your prints – simply right click and hit check info.

We can’t accept images over 50MB. Most JPEG photos are around 1-3 MB so you shouldn’t have any issues! If your image is over 50MB you can use online image size conversion apps such as Photoshop to reduce your image before you upload to Super Snaps!

If you’re uploading from Instagram your photos may have been converted to a square image with sides of 640 pixels and a standard 72 dpi resolution. There is some JPEG compression applied, but it doesn’t appear to be as aggressive as that used on Facebook. All images will be automatically sized to your printed product size. The quality of the image may vary according to the print size you choose.

Do you support all browsers?2018-08-10T12:50:29+08:00

We officially support Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge, but any modern browser should work without any problems. Unfortunately we don’t support Internet Explorer as this is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Can I crop and rotate my snaps?2018-08-10T13:26:05+08:00

Yes – of course you can! You can use our super easy Review Page to change the cropping and rotation of your snaps.

To crop your snaps: Simply hover over a photo and you will see the cropping tool appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your image. Hit this and move your photo within the frame of your product to get the perfect print!

To rotate your snaps: Hover over your photo and you will see the rotate tool appear in the middle at the bottom. Hit rotate and see your snaps spin!

Can I track my photogifts?2018-08-10T16:26:07+08:00

If you have ordered for delivery to a country outside of the Singapore your photogifts will be sent with a tracked service. You should receive an email once your order is shipped which will contain a tracking code. If you have created an account you can also track your order in your account. Simply login and go to ‘Order History’. Click into the order you wish to track and click the ‘Track Item’ button to the right of your selected address. Ta-dah!

Can I print captions?2018-08-10T13:34:32+08:00

Depending on the product, we absolutely can! If you can write a caption on the product you’ve chosen then you will see this option appear in the Creator Tool. This will show as a small box which shows a “T” icon – just click to add a text box and add your message!

Can I pay in my local currency2018-08-10T16:00:08+08:00

We take payments in Singapore Dollars (SGD), but PayPal will convert the payment into your local currency (how clever!) so feel free to shop away…we ship internationally too!

Important information about charges: PhotoGifts will charge you in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Your bank or PayPal may charge you at a slightly different conversion rate (based on the current exchange rate).

Can I call you?2018-09-07T17:06:06+08:00

Unfortunately we don’t have a phone number for you to call – the beavers just kept nibbling through the line and it was a bit of a hazard. Please don’t take this as a lack of interest through – we’re always keen to help.

All about PhotoGifts2019-07-02T19:06:46+08:00

Photogifts.com.sg is a Singapore-based online store with over 10 years experience in delivering beautiful printed products to our customers worldwide, so you can rest easy that your snaps are in safe hands!

We provide a simple, fast and awesome way for you to get your photos from your device into your hands and up on your wall! You can create personalised photogift products like books, coasters and photo prints for your love ones, friends and family.

Just upload your photos from any device and order.


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