Love, laugh & learn together

with custom board books for babies

Your custom board book will be a fun story-starter. Perfect for afternoon fun and bedtime activity to read and bond with your child.

Learning is Fun

Captivate the young mind and let your child learn the fun way. Reading with your toddler not only boosts brain power but creates a special bond that you will always treasure.

Stimulate & Engage

Toddlers want nothing more than to learn about the world around them. Board books are a great way to introduce them to names, faces, colours, emotions and activities.

Empower & Inspire

Reading helps stimulate parent-child interaction and promote the development of verbal, cognitive and social-emotional skills critical for your child’s school readiness and future.

Create your very own custom board books for babies. ✨

From the day your newborn comes home from the hospital, you can start raising a reader. When a child starts learning to read as a baby or at the age of 2 or 3, there is no psychological pressure.

Be your child’s first teacher – create a series of stories starring your toddler and start the journey of letters, names, colours and activities.

Nurture young minds

Design personalised board books for your child that can teach skills that build a foundation for life. Children learn to recognise letters, familiar faces, count and become familiar with the joy of reading books.

Read, love and laugh together
Our personalised books for kids offer a variety of books for toddler and young children to interact with. Our board books help children identify family names and faces, emotions, colours, numbers and more.

Create your own personal board book story or use one of our designed layout. Perfect for capturing all of your child’s precious little moments or creating a larger than life story photo book.

Quality time together
A great way to spend some quality time with your child is cozying up with a good book and reading out loud. Kids love to hear the sound of a parent’s voice and enjoy flipping through a book that sparks their imaginations. Sky is the limit in a book. Take your toddler on a journey with your own personalised board book!

Joys of reading
There’s nothing quite like spending your time with your little one. Custom board books are great for snuggles in bed, afternoons in the park, and lazy days basking in that summer sunshine. Perfect time to start introducing your baby to all the joys of reading. Board books is that they offer a chance to introduce babies and toddlers to the physical properties of books in a safe environment —they can touch without fear of paper cuts. Board books give babies an opportunity to explore something they’ll be using their whole life.

Keeping the memories alive
The best thing about board books is that you can create as many titles as you like and form a beautiful collection of your child’s favourite memories, faces and places.

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