It sure does! To get the most sparkly amazing prints possible, we recommend that you do not use an image size smaller than 640 x 640 pixels for our small products and 760 x 760 for our large products. These values vary with each product size but our handy website will alert you if your image is too low quality for the selected product/size. We can print smaller files but the printed image may appear pixelated, particularly if the image needs to be enlarged to fit our larger product sizes. It’s your responsibility to check the size of your prints – simply right click and hit check info.

We can’t accept images over 50MB. Most JPEG photos are around 1-3 MB so you shouldn’t have any issues! If your image is over 50MB you can use online image size conversion apps such as Photoshop to reduce your image before you upload to Super Snaps!

If you’re uploading from Instagram your photos may have been converted to a square image with sides of 640 pixels and a standard 72 dpi resolution. There is some JPEG compression applied, but it doesn’t appear to be as aggressive as that used on Facebook. All images will be automatically sized to your printed product size. The quality of the image may vary according to the print size you choose.