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10 Things to Do for the New Year!

With a new year ahead, I have been giving some thoughts to creating a clean slate for 2017. January 1st is an arbitrary day and it is definitely a significant and power marker to help us find a fresh start and progress with the goals we have. Here are 10 things I am going to do to ensure I start 2017 off with my life and mind in the right place.


1. Declutter your mailbox.

I sign up for newsletters from my favorite shops and influencers but from time to time I find that instead of reading the emails, I end up hitting the delete key routinely. Taking a cue from the KonMarie’s life changing method of decluttering, unsubscribe and prune your emails that no longer spark joy. Free up your mailbox for the new year.


2. Set up your planner.

Set up your planner and organizer for 2017. You can keep track of your appointments, to-dos and deadlines on your phone or workstation or if you prefer, an old-school filofax.


3. Define your goals.

Goal setting is an important part of productivity process and it allows you to track your progress and achievements. Think small. Resolutions often fail because they’re not broken down into small enough steps. Always break down each of your new goals into as many small goals as possible. Ideally, you should have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals, which can be trackable and allow you to consistently monitor your progress.


4. Review reccurring subscriptions.

Netflix, magazines, cloud storage, mail order monthly lifestyle boxes. There are so many different reoccurring subscriptions that many of us are subscribed to and the new year is a great time to review and cancel any that you aren’t enjoying or have forgotten about.


5. Update your contacts.

Take a scroll through your phone contacts and see if you have some names that can be removed, and of course, be sure to also take this time to update any information like doctors, emergency contacts or important numbers that may have changed.


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6. Refresh your profile picture.

Have you changed your hairstyle? Perhaps new glasses or lost some weight recently? If your appearance has changed significantly in the last year, spend a few moments changing your profile pictures to something more recent- that is, if you want to be recognized of course!


7. Give thanks.

None of us could fully do what we do without the help of your customers, clients or colleagues. If you had support this year from key individuals, make sure to show them your appreciation by dropping a note or a thank you card. It will go a long way to helping you build great lasting relationships and ensure continuous support in the new year!


8. Budget review.

If you had a budget or financial plan for the past year, spend some time reviewing it to see what worked and what didn’t. If you need that budget to continue into the new year you will want to have a sound understanding of how to do better to achieve your financial goals and stay on track in the future.


9. Let it go.

Let bygones be bygones. Reset and restart for 2017. Start every morning with three simple “gratitudes” or “positive affirmations”. When we focus on things for which we are grateful, we will feel happy, alive and vibrant. This allows us to be more resilient, positive and productive throughout the day, hence a more enjoyable work environment and return home happy.


10. Give love.

Lastly, don’t forget to give love away. Spread good vibes and spark joy to those around you all through 2017.


“The love you give away is the only love you can keep and carry in your heart.”

Elbert Hubbard, 1902


Happy New Year!

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