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Our Square Prints are the best way to enjoy and share your photos, perfectly designed for Instagram printing! Great for desks or walls.

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Square photoprints
Square photoprints with white borders
Square Photo Prints
Square photoprints

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Our professional quality Square Prints add modern style to your timeless photo memories, and are perfect for display in the home, studio, or office!

Relive those special moments

Your own online photo printing lab, photogifts aims to provide you with a range of print options to make your photos ready for display. High quality photo prints make for a wonderful photo viewing experience. They help you relive the memory in your mind over and over again. And happily so.

Immortalise those special memories

High quality photo prints add life to the photos and ensures that the special moment gets the attention it deserves. So instead of holding on to your phones, tablets, and laptops while viewing old photos, get them printed so that you can caress the memories every time you view the photo. Photo prints allow you to show the memories some love and place an odd kiss here or there, especially if it’s of a special someone!

With photogifts’ square prints, you can immortalise all your favourite moments – big or small or professional clicks or cellphone captures. It doesn’t matter. All you need to have is a photo, and we will get it printed for you.

Quality that lasts

We use high end, long lasting semi-gloss photo paper, which is less inviting to fingerprints. You can customise the photo prints in any way that you want and our cutting-edge 6 colour professional dry lab ink technology to help bring out the vivid details and life-like colours which adds to the quality of the photo.

At photogifts, we give you an entire range of photo print options.

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